Who am I?

My name is Meytal Liberman, Advocate, TEP, and my main field of practice is trusts and the transfer of family assets to the next generation.

I believe that with proper planning, all family members can achieve comfort and peace of mind. When the proper arrangements are set up in advance, there is less tension among family members, and the risk of a family dispute decreases. Moreover, when matters are arranged in advance, events such as becoming legally incapacitated, passing away, or a divorce, although emotionally difficult, are less likely to impact the family's livelihood.  


I believe that the key to achieve this lies in three key principles:

  1. Professionalism - My goal is to provide the highest quality of legal service. In order to do so, in addition to the experience I gain as a practitioner, I regularly invest time and effort in educating myself on all relevant topics. Furthermore, I strongly believe in cooperation with other professionals that can make a valuable contribution to the client.

  2. Personal attention and service - Each family has its own unique characteristics, needs, wishes, restraints, and more, and often, the discussion on the transfer of assets to the next generation is complex and sensitive.  it is therefore greatly important for me to be attentive and available to my clients as much as possible. Only by maintaining good communication it is possible to properly understand the family needs, and to make a "made-to-measure suit" to meet them.

  3. Creativity - Each family is unique and has its own needs and desires. often, in these situations there is no "straight forward" solution, and only by thinking "out-of-the-box" can the best solution be found.

How can I help you?

Consultation meeting

A consultation meeting is your place to ask questions, discuss your needs and wishes, and obtain a better perspective as to your current situation and what steps, if any, should be taken.


Setting up a trust and other arrangements

This includes analysis of your circumstances and needs, consolidation of a plan to meet them, and its execution.


פגישת ייעוץ

פגישת הייעוץ היא המקום לשאול , שאלות, לדון ברצונותיך וצרכיך, ולקבל פרספקטיבה לגבי מצבך הנוכחי, ובאילו צעדים, אם בכלל, יש לנקוט.


הקמת נאמנות והסדרים נוספים

הקמת הנאמנות כוללת ניתוח מלא של נסיבותיך וצרכיך האישיים, גיבוש של תוכנית שתספק להם מענה, והוצאתה אל הפועל.


Trusts and the transfer of assets to the next generation.


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