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Declaration of Accessibility

My name is Meytal Liberman, and an essential part of my practice as an attorney is to assist the elderly and people with disabilities with the intergenerational transfer of their assets through various legal instruments, such as trusts, wills, enduring powers of attorney, pre/postnuptial agreements, etc.
In my view, the first step of such a process is knowledge – an understanding of the available legal instruments and how each of them can be utilized. With this purpose in mind, I share a lot of information on the website and put in great efforts in order to make it accessible and available for people with disabilities.

The nature of an accessible website

An accessible website is such that allows a person with a disability to browse the web with the same level of efficiency and enjoyment as any other web browser, while utilizing the capabilities of the software he or she operates on, and thorough the use of other accessibility assisting technologies.

Making accessibility accommodations in the website

I make great efforts to make the website compliant with the accessibility requirements stipulated in the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities (Service Accessibility Accommodations) Regulations, 5773-2013, and The Israel Standard (IS) 5568, which is based on the provisions of the WCAG 2.0, subject to the amendments and accommodations made in the Israeli Standard.
The website supports the use of assisting technologies such as a reading screen software, browsing by the keyboard by using the Tab and Shift+Tab keys to switch between links, browsing by the arrow keys, using the Enter key for making a selection, using the Esc key to exit menus and windows, and using H or a number to switch between headers.

Amendments and accommodations made:

  • The website is compatible with the common browsers and screen reading softwares.

  • The website is compatible for use on a cellular phone.

  • The website can be displayed on a variety of screens and resolutions.The navigation functions in the website are simple and clear.

  • The contents of the website are written in a clear, orderly, and hierarchical fashion.

  • The contents of the website are written in a simple and clear language.

  • Most of the pages of the website are structured the same.

  • Most of the images of the website have an alternative textual explanation (alt).

  • The website allows to change the font size by using the Ctrl and “+” keys.

  • The website doesn’t include moving or flickering text.

Declaration on partial compliance in the standard in the case of third-party contents

The following webpages include, inter alia, links to contents which are not in my ownership, nor under my control, therefore I am unable to ensure their accessibility, such as videos and articles published by the Israeli Bar Association or by various publication firms (“third-party contents”).

Consequently, I declare partial compliance in the standard with respect to these webpages:

Physical accessibility arrangements in the organization

If there is a need in a physical meeting with a person with a disability, the venue of the meeting shall be determined in full coordination with that person to accommodate their needs and restraints. This includes conducting the meeting at that person’s personal residence if needed.

Contact information for requests, faults, and improvement suggestions concerning accessibility

It is important for me to note, that despite my efforts to make all webpages of the website
accessible, certain parts or functions may not be properly accessible, or have not yet been made accessible.
If you’ve encountered an issue concerning accessibility of the website, please contact me directly via the following details:

Adv. Meytal Liberman (Accessibility Coordinator)
Tel +972-54-5547226


In order for me to be able to best attend to your query, I strongly recommend to include as many details as possible in your query, such as:

  • A description of the issue.

  • A description of the action you tried to perform.

  • A link to the webpage you browsed.

  • The type of browser used and its version.

  • Details of the operating system.

  • Type of assisting technology, if relevant.


I shall do all in my power to make the website properly accessible, and to reply to your queries in the most professional and quick manner possible.

Meytal Liberman, Advocate


Trusts and intergenerational transfers of assets.

Trusts | Wills and Inheritance | Enduring Power of Attorney | Prenuptial and Joint Life Agreements | Transactions of Assets

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