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Seminar: Private Clients, International Succession and Tax

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

It was a pleasure and a great honor to participate as a lecturer at the seminar on Private Clients, International Succession and Tax yesterday, 19 September 2022, which was hosted by the Israel Bar Association in collaboration with the New York State Bar Association.

As part of my panel on international succession and cross border jurisdictions, I addressed the issue of cross-border estates under Israeli law.

Thank you for having me!

In the group picture from left to right: 1. Dr Judith Taic, Secretary, STEP Israel 2. Aviram Handel, Partner at Gornitzky & Co, Israel. 3. Myself. 4. Avi Himi, Head of the Israel Bar Association. 5. Dr. Alon Kaplan, Co-Chairman of the Israel-New York Committee and President of STEP Israel. 6. Meir Linzen, Chairman at Herzog Law Office, and Co-Chairman of STEP Israel. 7. David I. Faust, Gallet Dreyer & Berkey LLP, NY. 8. Paul Matthams, Partner at Seymour Law LLP, Jersey. 9. Geoffrey Shindler, Old Trafford Consulting Limited, UK.

Meytal Liberman with colleagues in a conference

Meytal Liberman giving a lecture



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